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Independent record company founded in 2023 to publish modern electronic music of various styles. Our label pays particular attention to attracting and promoting artists from around the world. We try to constantly develop and bring something new to the music market. The principle of the company is professional creative development and the reputation of management and artists.
The main goal is - promoting high-quality music.
- search and promotion of young composers
- I'm in music for 26 years. I want development.
- Profit from sales.
- search for new performers and creation of a database
- Attracting experienced musicians
- active promotion of new artists on the radio and on the Internet
- Focus on quality.
- Investments in promo.
- patience and responsibility
Experience writing music, DJing and tracking trends
- a huge range of performers
- access to the world market.
- flexibility of work.
- the desire to develop a label
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