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Prototypal Records, an independent music company based in Hyderabad,India, was formed in August 2011 by Mr. Sameer aka Philosameer. The philosophy is to identify best Artists and their music worldwide specifically India who are into Hip Hop and all its sub-genres, sign and develop it to the best possible to make them reach the International Standard, and we sell their music all around the world at present with digital distribution companies such as Label worx. Prototypal was first started for sole purpose of releasing Mr. Sameer aka Philosameer albums for sale, later with the team of 8 members and is still under expansion, they have decided to start signing up other artists and explore them worldwide. In December 2011, Mr. Trinadh Rakesh got appointed as Official Photographer/Videographer for the company. . The record label is widely known for providing its high quality audio production services at an affordable price to signed artists. In the last one year Label has supported few Independent Artists like Mic Moses, Empne etc. And also released few mix tapes. But this year label is on hunt for new Artists who are into following sub-genres of Hip Hop: (Alternative, Ambient, Conscious, Country-rap, Crunk, Electro Hop, Jazz Hop, Trip Hop, Ghetto House, Ghetto Tech, Grime, Hip House, Reggae, Reggaeton, Turntablism, Kwaito, Miami Bass, Rap Rock, Urban Pasifika and Horrorcore). With one World Tour at Berlin and few shows in the city, Prototypal team has increased the network more viral. Currently label has four artists signed up with its, Philosameer, (India) Alex Mathew, (India), Marcanum X (USA) and Ronaldo Santos (Brazil). And two producers who are under home production Sharath and Adnan. The label also worked with amazing producers like Empne, 6th Element, Anitek, Nemisis etc. And occasionally we even work with "kozi productions" from Greece for making music videos. The label is undoubtedly the first choice by artists for the production of professional music in a timely and orderly fashion. Twitter: Soundcloud: Facebook: Email: Regards, Prototypal Records


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