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Smoody Groovez - Loungezillah

Label Lush Lounge Records
Catalog number LLR001
Release date 2011-09-27
EAN 4680960061707
Genre Chill Out
The ‘Loungezillah’ album is full of exceptional chill out music to listen to whilst maybe gazeing at the stars, driving top down with the sun on your face and summer breeze in your hair, watching the sunrise or set, sipping cocktails on a beach, or simply enjoying a romantic meal for two or with friends, either in a restaurant or at home anywhere in the world.

The first track on the album ‘Dreamcatcher’ is exactly as is titled and the video is often one I watch to help unwind and de-stress, following one of them days!

‘Erlebenis’ has a delightful melody and hypnotic beats with an ethnic vocal charm and excellent brass sound sensations. ‘How Could I Know’ has an distinct upbeat air of mystery, perfectly articulated with its strings and percussion.

‘King Kinky’ has a sexy bassline, fit for any Kinky King, with an additional sensual melody and rhythm, which will definitely get the red hot passion cells flowing through your veins and assist in raising lovers oxytocin chemical reactions to another level!

The ‘Loungezillah’ album title track, has a funky bass line and guitar intro taking you into an electronic mystical dream world. ‘Ma Petite Betise’ piano intro is delicate and refreshing, followed with some brass and strings to give you an auditory Reiki session.

‘Nightbreeze’ has a uplifting beat, whilst ‘Silky Way’ has an intro reminiscent of the good old days of vinyl, with a little bit of snap crackle and pop, along with some sensual breathing to tease and tantalise the romantics amongst us.

‘The Right Vibe’ is currently one of my all time Smoody Groovez favourites, with the exquisite vocals of Sofie van Vugt, that sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. It was in fact voted Buzzin Media track of the year on Soundcloud in 2010. I really ‘dig it’!

The final track on the Loungezillah album is ‘Walking To The Water’ with its sumptuous ethnic vibes, which immediately transported me on a fantasy journey to the water front of an Asian beach.

The ‘Loungezillah’ album is a beautiful and charming debut album from Lush Lounge Records and is being prepared for release within the month. Buzzin Media wish Lush Lounge Records and their ‘Loungezillah’ debut album release much success for the future.


Track name
Smoody Groovez - Loungezillah (Original Mix)
Chill Out
Smoody Groovez - Walking To The Water (Original Mix)
Chill Out
Smoody Groovez - Erlebnis (Original Mix)
Chill Out
Smoody Groovez - Ma Petite Betise (Original Mix)
Chill Out
Smoody Groovez - How Could I know (Original Mix)
Chill Out
Smoody Groovez - The Right Vibe (Original Mix)
Chill Out
Smoody Groovez - Silkyway (Original Mix)
Chill Out
Smoody Groovez - King Kinky (Original Mix)
Chill Out
Smoody Groovez - Nightbreeze (Original Mix)
Chill Out
Smoody Groovez - Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)
Chill Out

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