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Handmade Music Industries

Handmade Music Industries (HMMI) - a new independent music label. HMMI offers a individual creative approach to each artist. Cooperation with HMMI is simple, intuitive and clear. We work with artists, giving them the maximum freedom for creativity and for use of copyright. We are constantly searching for worthy artists and are interested in working with them. Our specialists can work with accomplished and experienced projects, and with the budding ideological creativity. For the label artists we provide a wide range of services, allowing them to immerse themselves in the creative process without the distraction of marketing and organizational issues.
Support genres:
Hip-Hop | Rap, Rock | Rock'n'Roll, Pop | Dance, Electronica | Experimental/Noise/Industrial, Pop | Electro, Pop | Euro Pop, Hip-Hop, Hard Dance, Pop, Chill Out | Ambient, Rock | Alternative, Electronica | Electro, Hip-Hop | R&B, Rock | Indie
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17 albums
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Handmade Music Industries : Releases list

Мальчик рассветы
Детка, постой!
Эмобой на битах
A Little Tusovkl
Без тебя
На жизнь до зарплаты
Сладкий Аромат
Atomic Punk
Мы это всерьёз
Спасибо тебе
Ты рядом