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Deepblue Records UK

Founded in 1999, and headed by Andy Bury (most famously known for being former half of 'Solarstone'), the ethos behind Deepblue is to feed a steady stream of high quality electronic dance music records with an enduring shelf-life,into a fickle and often disposable music scene.

Starting out as an independent progressive house label, Deepblue has expanded its horizons over the last few years to support a selection of the some of the most inspiring international up and coming artists, including Bobina, FKN, Filo and Peri, Adam Nickey and Solarstone and to name but a few.

With an often sporadic but consistantly forward thinking release schedule, Deepblue is run with a passion, and is unafraid to take risks on unknown acts, regardless of the 'commercial' prospects of those tracks.

From hypnotic, forward-thinking electronic music through to lush, highly polished progressive and uplifting Trance, Deepblue believes in quality over quantity, everytime.
Support genres:
Chill Out | Downtempo, Trance, Trance | Progressive, Progressive House, House | Vocal House
Label country:
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Size of Catalog:
16 albums
Work with SMW since:

Deepblue Records UK : Releases list

More Bounce / Skooby
Why? - 2011 Remixes
The One For Me
Running Away
Unreal To Me
Blueprints - The Chilled Edition
Vanilla Sky
Infinite Shores
Late Nights EP
New Season
Love Shock
Givin' All My Love
Givin' All My Love