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Biomechanix Records

Biomechanix records

Born with a single purpose, to present new talent who are forgotten and hidden in darkness and total abandonment. At first the foundation of Biomechanix were two minds who shared the same ideal, "Shaddai" was a solid and clearly strong group who shared the same dream, but only a member decided to follow the path that the two had plotted in their hearts ...

And now in this present the mind that is behind this project is dj Avizz, who devoted much of his life listening and looking for these new proposals seeking support and come to light with only one thing to show the world ... his talent.
Support genres:
Psy-Trance, Chill Out
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Size of Catalog:
159 albums
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Biomechanix Records : Releases list

Stranger tunes
Against The Machines
Take Machine
The Golden Ratio
Helter Skelter
Proggy Pitch
Lysergic Madness
The Black Order
Modular Jungle
Energy Activated
Dead Saviors
Burned Witches
Sonic Resistance
Inner Light
Dont Smoke Cigarrets
Never Sleep Again