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Adriatiko Recordings

Adriatiko Recordings is a base of regional artists witch provide similar way of expression under a mighty Electro Techno alliance The mission witch we providing is to keep an openmind in all directions of producing electronic music and also to bring the whole world a taste of Adriatik climate in witch we live & create tasty floor movers. Another mission of Adriatiko Recordnigs is to determinate all voice blockades and to speak an unique language,a musical lagnuage. At the end, its all about how to extort a smile on your face so we wish you to enjoy in our vibe as much as we do!
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Electro House, Techno | Melodic, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Techno, Electronica | Electro
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14 albums
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Adriatiko Recordings : Releases list

Ultima Vapor
Seven Sins Of Memory
Fame Machine
U Pm! U Am! U Fm!
Lorem Ipsum
Falco 3
Fin / Flange That Shit
Striktni Ritam
Video Age
Planeta Sexa