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2 Def Records

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Electro House
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2 Def Records is a Major independent record label in Canada Specialize in Dance music. 2 Def Records maintains two sister companies in North America, 2 Def Records America in Miami / USA and 2 Def Records in Montreal / Canada. 2 Def's corporate concept of becoming a major player in both the national and international markets has enabled it to become the Top Dance Label in Canada with Many International Releases Through Major Record Companies through Europe and across the Globe...Also in North America, 2 Def Records houses a state of the art recording studios facility and offices with top production staff from New York, Miami and Montreal. Over all, 2 Def strives to maintain the following corporate concept: 1. A full entertainment organization 2. Active internationally 3. Organized in a decentralized way 4. Creative, innovative and pluralistic in its program 5. Commitment to our licensees for the best exploratory for their artist and catalog. this year ...we're on the top of the Game ... 2 Def committed to the establishment of the nu Division of Electro Dance , House , Hip Hop, R&B ...and lookin' 4 more talented artists 2 sign & break into the international Market.


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