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Technical specifications

  1. Metadata Requirements
  2. Cover Artwork Requirements
  3. Audio File Requirements

Cover Artwork Requirements

Music digital-file requirements

• JPEG with .jpg extension (quality unconstrained)
• Minimum size of 3000 x 3000 pixels (Images with a size of 4000 x 4000 pixels are recommended. )
• Images must be square
• Images must be at least 72 dpi
• Color mode: RGB screen standard  (don't accept CYMK)

Music cover-artwork rules

• No blurring
• No pixel noise
• Additions like: Includes DVD, includes lyrics or other features that will not be included in the
digital version

The word “Exclusive” must not be part of the title because the titles are a permanent part of the content and must not include anything that could be temporary.

• As mentioned on the karaoke rules, it is not allowed to name or show the original performer on
the artwork
• It is not allowed to show website links, any contacts and advertising information on the cover artwork.
• It is not allowed to show the ‘iTunes’ logo or the lettering
• No CD or DVD is allowed to be shown on the artwork
• Never show the price or a reference for a low price on the artwork
• It is not allowed to reference to the physical release or other digital shops like: Amazon Edition
• Pornographic images in any shape or form are forbidden on the cover artwork!
• It is only allowed to show artists/tracks on the cover, when these titles are really included in the
product's track listing.