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Enterprise Records

Enterprise Records Based in Israel Created by Israeli pioneers Arel Bank AkA Saibot
And by Daniel Zelvansky AkA Gambit , Together they called " Assassins " .
The goal is to bring a new vision of Twilight/Psy-Trance Sound to the
scene by pushing a new state of psychedelic that never explored before .
This will go through all the concepts of art .

Enterprise Records born in the end of the year 2014
in order to bring a new fresh sound to the world ,
The label Influences is : Full-on Twilight , Hi - Tek and Psy-Trance .
The Enterprise frequency will create a unique brand of special and innovative psytrance, Powered
by very special talented artists and dj's from all over the world .

Outside the digital world Enterprise is working in the parties
of Israeli trance scene , To maintain the style of the Full-On Twilight
and to keep Spreading our strong Consciousness to the world .
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