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What is Voided Transactions?

Voided transactions are refunds and credits issued to Beatport customers including purchase disputes from credit card holders or their card issuer.

Voids may be processed several months after the original purchase date and are applied to your current quarter sales. Sometimes this delay can result in a negative net label share or large sums of revenue extractions.

Credits are issued to customers who have downloaded faulty content. To ensure that customers do not mistakenly report tracks as incomplete or faulty, our team diligently validates all reported content issues before issuing any refunds.

Beatport makes use of sophisticated systems for reducing voids and preventing fraud. We also keep detailed records of our customer interactions to identify problems and minimize potential impact on your sales. If a track or release is found to have an un-repairable fault, we will contact you to coordinate a replacement file.

We do our best to limit the amount of voided transactions.Fraudulent transactions are equally as bad for us as they are for the labels because they represent lost revenue.
Sorry that I can't provide a better answer, but I can definitely assure you that our team is working on reducing the amount of fraudulent transactions since they have been increasing over the past few months.