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Why release taken down from Spotify still available ?

When releases has been taken down (removed) from Spotify - old link to Spotify release will remain accessible. Why ?

This is Spotify policy

  • Release will not be available in search - but direct link will be accessible by direct link.
  • Unique tracks in release will be "greyed" (unavailable), but
  • Tracks, presented in some other live release will be active but will be calculated to a live relesae, not to the removed
  • Please note - all changes in Spotify processing during a 24hrs. So, if takedown request has been sent today - release will be deactivated only tomorrow

Here is Spotify answer for question about this behaviour

The release is taken down and will not show in search, though the product page can still be accessed via the direct link. The tracks are playable from a different product; the assets from the taken down product cannot be played. This is because they are track linked with another version of the same track that is live in that territory.