Short pause for maintenance
Sorry - we will be unavailable tonight from 22:20 to 23:20 UTC (00:20 to 01:20 CEST) for short maintenance

Good news regarding PayPal
Yeeee!!!! We restored PayPal payments system...

Very sad that some limits still in action (limited count of payments per day) - but anyway - now this works!

Warning for Russian users
Hello, friends!

We are very sorry - but as far we know, the idiots from Roskomnadzor started to block access from Russia to some IP addresses and networks from multiple datacentres in Europe, trying to ban the Telegram app.

It is possible to happens that we could be blocked as well.

Sure, we will try to solve that problems in this case - but please don't panic - we are online - so, if you see "IP anavailable" or something other message - don't panic.. sure we will solve that and be back...

Good news from iTunes
As you can see - the last report from iTunes is a pretty good one...

But i'm sorry - this not means we have a doubled sales on iTunes ...
Until now we had Apple Music reports with a a month delay (i.e. in March we published an iTunes Store report for February and Apple Music report for a January) - just in accordance of iTunes reporting system
But this month Apple decided to exclude this monthly delay in reporting... and published Apple Music report for 2 months instead of one..
So, in April we published iTunes Store sales report for March and Apple Music reports for both March and February...

So, all the next reports will be published for both iTunes Store and Apple Music regarding to the last month..

VISA and PayPal payment temporary unavailable
We are very sorry, but due a some temporary problems we can't send payments to VISA cards and PayPal
We working hard to solve this problems, but we can't send this type of payments right now..
What you can to do to receive your payments :
- Remove current invoice issued for VISA or PayPal and reissue new one where :
- ask payment to MasterCard cards.
- ask payments to bank account details (both SWIFT or BIK (russian banks))
some tips:
a - if you have a credit card (VISA) - means you have a bank account in the bank for this card. Ask you bank about payments details.
b - if you have a YandexMoney account you can to order a Yandex Card for this account. Usually you will receive this card in some days. Be sure this is MasterCard.

Pay attention - only EUR can be sent to card. and never mind - if your card is not in EUR - amount will be converted on your bank side. So, select EUR in invoice and Card payment type will be available in payment method menu.

btw: pay attention - MC card payments may take a some days to transfer money. Usually VISA transfers take a minutes but transfer to MC may take upto 3-5 days.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and working hard to solve this situation, but this is not an our fail.