New Trend Details features
Trend details (Download details and Streaming details) were updated

- Content filtering added (you can filter by label, track title, artist name e.t.c.)
- Some additional customizable statistics added (the same as on Summary pages - local hours, age, gender stat - and device types as well) - for Streaming details only
- Now you can choose the "top" size (from 10 to 100)

Additional statistics available only for Apple Music and Spotify (since 01.08.2018) - other shops don't provide such data

Trends updated
We added some functionality to our Trends report section:

  • Spotify trends for new releases added (we received trends from Spotify for releases before 2016 only - new trends available since Aug 2018.)
  • More statistics available now:
    • gender and age sta
    • Local listener time
  • Updated "mode" section - changed to "Income estimate" - we try to estimate income from streams and downloads based on last report proportions (the single streams costs 100-300 times less then a download, but we calculate this proportion for every client and hope this estimation will be pretty close to a truth).
  • Some more data (devices stat and detailed stat for "streaming details" will be added soon - like detailed reports for particular label or track).

Sorry, PayPal and most Cards still unavailable
We are very sorry - but our bank change process still not complete..

so we can't pay to PayPal right now and can't process the most CreditCards (some cards can be processed m- will add availablily check soon)

Sorry for this - but we working hard to solve this problem, hope normal payment modes will be restored in August

Hardware restored, service in a normal mode
We fixed our hardware problem - almost all data restored, excluding 10 releases (mainly uploaded at 7 of August - and not yet backuped).

So, if you find your release previously signed changed state to Unsubmitted - please just reload tracks and cover and re-submit it.

We are very sorry for this problem and will move to own new hardware soon to avoid such problems in future

Sorry - hardware malfunction happens
We are very sorry - but seems we has another hardware malfunction at 7 of Aug.
System mainly restored - but some functions will be restored in 1-2 days..  and tracks as well.
It is very unpleasant, and we looking for another hardware provider. so, sure - we going to avoid such problems in the future

please pay attention - tracks, uploaded earlier currently unavailable (we need some time to restore data from backup) - will be here in 1-2 days