Sorry, PayPal and most Cards still unavailable
We are very sorry - but our bank change process still not complete..

so we can't pay to PayPal right now and can't process the most CreditCards (some cards can be processed m- will add availablily check soon)

Sorry for this - but we working hard to solve this problem, hope normal payment modes will be restored in August

Hardware restored, service in a normal mode
We fixed our hardware problem - almost all data restored, excluding 10 releases (mainly uploaded at 7 of August - and not yet backuped).

So, if you find your release previously signed changed state to Unsubmitted - please just reload tracks and cover and re-submit it.

We are very sorry for this problem and will move to own new hardware soon to avoid such problems in future

Sorry - hardware malfunction happens
We are very sorry - but seems we has another hardware malfunction at 7 of Aug.
System mainly restored - but some functions will be restored in 1-2 days..  and tracks as well.
It is very unpleasant, and we looking for another hardware provider. so, sure - we going to avoid such problems in the future

please pay attention - tracks, uploaded earlier currently unavailable (we need some time to restore data from backup) - will be here in 1-2 days

Sorry, reports will be published 2.08
Sorry, but seems we'll be able to publish reports only tomorrow, 2nd of August.

Our apologies - but some shops provided little bit updated report formats so, we have to make little update to reporting system.
Almost all reports uploaded already - but YandexMusic and VKontakte still in processing yet.. i don't like to publish incomplete reports.

And - we very sorry, but in accordance of  changing our corporate bank account temporary we can't send cards and paypal payments..
To be more exact we can send to SOME cards (like Yandex money MC card)...

Hope all payment methods will be restored within couple weeks

Short pause for maintenance
Sorry - we will be unavailable tonight from 22:20 to 23:20 UTC (00:20 to 01:20 CEST) for short maintenance